6 Great WordPress Stats Plugins For Tracking Site Visitors


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If you are serious about blogging, then it is a must to track website visitors. Visitor statistics plugins will display information on the number of people visiting your blog : per day, per month, per hour. Even though there are alternative ways to track this data, using appropriate plugins will make life easier for you. WordPress stats plugins are crafted for providing the most relevant information to the bloggers.

Here Are 6 Great Free Plugins To Monitor WordPress Visitor Stats:

WP Statistics : This plugin can track statistics for your WordPress website and it does not need information from any external services and user data. This takes care of user privacy as well. Website statistics are displayed as graphs and they can be easily viewed by logging into WordPress admin.

mySTAT : More than 50 reports are provided by this plugin. mySTAT can be easily installed on your WordPress website. It enables the website owner to count all the visitors on the website, including humans and bots. All the visitor information is stored on your hosting server and it is safe as well.

WP Power Stats : This is a powerful plugin that provides accurate and real-time information about your WordPress website visitors. At a glance, you can view the important information about your visitors like browsers they are using and operating systems used. WP Power Stats also provides with many advanced settings in order to fine-tune the tracking system.

Analytics Stats Counter Statistics : This plugin analyzes visitor information on the basis of countries, unique visitors, web pages and IPs. Information on password protected counters and hidden counters is provided. WordPress website visitors can also easily customize the counter design for analyzing the stats in their own way.

Jetpack : Jetpack by WordPress.com incorporates excellent features like traffic monitoring, customization, mobile usability, content and performance tools. WordPress users can keep their websites safe through Jetpack monitor, Single Sign On and Akismet anti-spam. Additional features like notifications, social shares, subscriptions, shortlinks, publicize, site verification are also offered.

Traffic Manager : This plugin enables you to manage internet traffic on your website and to enhance it as well. You can easily check statistics about the users browsing your website. Through this plugin you can inform the search engines like Google and Bing when your website is updated. This is a great plugin that also provides localization feature through which your website can be accessed in various international languages.

The plugins mentioned here are all great for monitoring your website traffic. If you are looking for one, you must make your selection on the basis of features you are looking for. But having a plugin that monitors visitor stats is extremely important so that you can keep a track of website visitors and work on increasing the visitors.

Have you tried these plugins before? Let me know what you think about them. If you know some other WordPress stats plugins, please contribute to this post by commenting!

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