About ME

Ujwala Sakorkar Kori, Resource9Hello and welcome to my blog! This is Ujwala  Sakorkar Kori, I thank you for visiting my blog.  To tell you a little about myself, I have studied  MBA in Finance and Marketing from Edith  Cowan University (Perth, Australia). I am an  extremely determined person. The tag line of  Resourse9 features the values that I truly  believe in – Innovation, Excellence and  Perfection. I think perseverance and learner’s  attitude can get you through anything.  Everyone has the power to create their own  destiny and it’s all about realizing it.

 I always had a keen interest towards concepts  like search engine optimization, social media, website creation, mobile website, web  hosting etc. Although I have worked before, I  wanted to portray the knowledge I have in an  informative and valuable way. Since I was a  child, I preferred putting things across in a  presentable way instead of just saying them.  The sole purpose of starting Resource9 is  reaching out to people with the latest updates  and providing authentic information. My  passion is all about featuring concepts in such  a way to people so that they look simplified  and easy to implement.

It is my sincere effort to feature information related to various web related aspects and many other interesting topics. As Resource9 grows, I will make sure that articles related to a wide array of topics are featured. Over the period of time I look up to Resource9 as an enormous information resource that becomes a prominent part of people’s lives.

My firm believe – ‘If it has to be….It’s up to me…’

If you like my blog, if you don’t like it, if you have something to say about it; you can mail me at ujwala [@] resource9.com. Your opinions will be valued.