Challenges You Might Face While Using Social Media For Managing A Brand

When it comes to marketing and public relations, it is important to create a strong image and get noticed. For establishing a successful brand, proper marketing and PR strategies have to be used for facilitating the process. In comparison to the public relations twenty years ago, the modern style of profession has evolved and is now implemented through many different channels. The internet has emerged as a strong frontier where marketers and PR professionals can showcase their skills and wage their battles. Every good marketer today understands the impotence of utilizing the tools offered on the internet, especially the social media.

Here is an insight on the biggest challenges that are commonly encountered by the marketing professionals and some common solutions for these problems:

Honesty And Transparency

Every business has some customers, partners or competitors who have conflict of interest with the company. Here, the challenge for the brand manager is to be transparent about the dealings and offerings of the company and safeguarding the company’s secrets at the same time. At times the brand managers must try to uncover the identities of the oppositions before providing with any response. While communicating with the outside world, messages have to be informative, tactful respectful and professional. In the current scenario, the social media channels especially Twitter and Facebook are being used by the consumers to voice the grievances about the products or services they are using. Moreover, the Facebook profile page of the company is also becoming a preferred platform for offering updates and customer service.

Loss Of Control

There are times when the brand managers do not have complete control over the social media image of the company or the products / services offered. Since the brand managers do not have a direct control over the reviews from the independent customers in terms of the products / services. It is important to actively engage the customers through the internet and maintain relationships with the customers for getting the up to date feedback. For this, it is important to keep a watch over the social media profiles on a daily basis.

Right Priorities

When a brand is well established on the social networks, it generally receives more feedback from the customers and this is much more than the brand managers can handle. It is crucial for the brand manager to prioritize the responsibilities, so that the most urgent issues can be determined and preference can be given to them. This goes on to say that the marketing professionals must take care of the issues that are influential and crucial for the success of the brand.

Right Tools

The brand managers must find the right tools for making their online campaigns more successful. If you search on the net, you will come across many social media platforms however not all of them will suit the needs of your company. Finding the perfect match between the requirements of the company and utilizing the best tools can save a lot of time and money for the company.

Getting Noticed

Last but not the least; this is the sole purpose of social media marketing. Since the inception of internet, it has been a catalyst in providing the best possible information to the customers. In order to highlight themselves, the brands that are not well established have to put in extra efforts. When it comes to the smaller brands, it is not easy to reach out to people; establishing the perfect online presence requires a lot of work. Apart from the social media websites, the marketing professionals must invest time in the search engine optimization techniques for achieving higher rankings and thereby having the company’s website and advertisements noticed.

If the above mentioned challenges are well addressed, social media will result in many new opportunities for every business.


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