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How To Start A Blog That Matters?

Just like every other industry, there is a fierce competition in the blogging world as well. Thousands of new blogs are launched on various topics by aspiring bloggers and by people who want to share their thoughts online. Some bloggers are really passionate about blogging

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What Is Better For SEO? Sub-Domains Or Sub-Directories?

The URLs and navigation of a website are crucial aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). However, the main elements of SEO structure that create an effect on the SEO activities don’t end here. For example, let us have a look on the sub-domains and sub-directories,

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Title Tags & SEO : 3 Supreme Rules

It was traditional wisdom that title tags should be between the range of 65 and 70 characters. However, Google started experimenting with a new search layout design that cuts down on the number of characters displayed. The new range of title tags is between 48

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10 Free And Amazing SEO Tools For Bloggers

Apart from a good looking website that contains interesting and regularly updated content, SEO (search engine optimization) is also an extremely important aspect for every blogger. Although you can do SEO on your own, as a result of the complex nature of the ‘SEO rules’,

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Mobile SEO – The Need Of The Time

Search engine optimization plays a vital role in driving traffic to the website. People are largely dependent on the internet for getting all kinds of information. However now, the trend is shifting towards mobile commerce. With the advent of smart phones and tablets, most of

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Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Content Marketing Efforts

There has been a drastic change in the content marketing strategies carried out in the past few years. Earlier, you could have got away even with creating off-the-cuff content; however this scenario is changed. Today you have to face a fierce competition and it is