4 Amazing Tips For Perfect eCommerce Photography

ecommerce product photography

eCommerce websites do not have product shelves for displaying the products to the customers. As a result of this, customers cannot touch and examine the products. The only way through which your customers are going to judge your products is through their images. Therefore, the most important aspect for every eCommerce website owner is to feature impressive and clear product images that prove to be visual delights for the customers. The way in which products are displayed on your eCommerce website has a direct impact on the customer decision.

Below mentioned are some basic and important factors that should be considered in product photography:

Opt For A Clean & Consistent Background

 clean and consistent background

Irrespective of the technology you use, it is ideal to use a simple and clean background; the background can be a white wall as well. White is a commonly used, classic background color for product photography. However, you need to consider the combination of white background and product image as well; they should blend properly together; otherwise, you can consider background of some other color. If your product color has a lot of white in it, then you can use a dark color background or a textured background. In case you are photographing the same products in various backgrounds, ensure consistency in all the product photographs.

Don’t Neglect The Details

product details

When customers want to shop from your website, they look forward to knowing complete information about the products you are offering. You have to ensure that your product images are properly taken from the right angels so that people can see all the aspects of your products. For instance, in case you are selling shoes online, people would be interested in checking out the shoe design and how the shoe looks from different dimensions. This can be done by offering 360 degrees imagery. Offering a 360 degree angle will prove to be better than just offering a single image of the product.

Display The Product In Use

products in use

Does your product have any important features that sets it apart from the competition? You might surely know some attributes of your products that are worth featuring. Therefore, you must click pictures of your products in use. This will give a clear insight to the people about the best use of the product. Doing this task might be time consuming at times, but you must get creative with it. Moreover, if you are featuring multiple products in a single image, don’t just feature them side by side, use a suitable background and place them in a creative way. For instance, if you are selling products made from mango, use a mango image in the background.

Use Realistic Reflections

realistic reflections

If you would like to include image reflections, it is important to make sure that they look realistic. The best way to do this is by shooting the product on a reflective surface instead of adding the reflection after taking the picture. In case you add the product reflection through Photoshop or through some other image editor, take care of factors like lighting and image perspective. Product reflections that are overdone will distract customer focus from the real product and they won’t look good as well.

To be frank, an eCommerce website majorly runs on the product images. The time and money invested in great high definition product photography is surely going to give you good returns. Try the tips mentioned above and make a great impression through product photos on your eCommerce website.


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