5 Life Traits To Learn From Lord Ganesha


Ganesha, Lord Ganesha, Ganpati Bappa

We are in that time of the year again when we welcome the most beloved God – Ganpati Bappa with a lot of zeal and fervor all over the country. Ganesh Chaturthi marks the beginnig of the 10 happy long days of festival. During this festival devotees bring home the Ganpati idol, worship it with a lot of love and devotion and there is an assimilation of family members and friends.

There’s also feasting on mouth watering sweets, decorating the house, songs, dances, family gatherings and an exciting time of festivities.

But this is not all there is to the festival!

This is also a time to reflect on several attributes and techniques of Lord Ganesha. These techniques will help anyone who instills them for living a better quality of life.

So on this Ganesh Chaturthi, I decided to list down some of the most amazing traits of Lord Ganesha that show us why Ganpati Bappa is the most adorable Hindu God and why we should follow his stature.


Ganesha has a big head, this signifies the capability to grasp and understand things in a better way. It urges a person to think big and seek more knowledge and have a better understanding of the things that life has to offer. This helps in gaining wisdom and brilliance required for achieving excellence in life.

Good Listening

One of the most eminent features of Lord Ganesha is that he has large ears. Because of this, he is also named as ‘Surpakarna’. His large ears make him a good listener; this is an important quality that has to be instilled in each and every person. Being a good listener helps one to analyze a situation or a person in a better way without being judgmental. By being a good listener, you can build affectionate and long lasting relationships with your family members and friends.


Ever wondered why the mighty Lord Ganesha has a tiny mouse (mushak) as his vehicle?

This reflects the humility, love and respect that Lord Ganesha has for the smallest of creatures. This teaches us an important lesson of being humble and grounded irrespective of how powerful or wealthy you are.


Just like all the other features of Ganpati, his big and round stomach also has an important meaning. Lord Ganesha’s stomach signifies his magnanimous nature. This is the reason why he is also called ‘Vighnaharta’. Vighnaharta signifies a person who takes away all the negativity and problems.

This portrays Lord Ganesha’s ability to endure and manage every kind of obstacle that comes in the path of life. This is a vital trait that we can definitely benefit from if we strive for gaining more courage and bravery in the face of adversities.


One of Ganesha’s most popular names is ‘Vinayak’. Vinayak refers to a person ‘without a leader’.

You must be your own leader!

Just like Lord Ganesha, a person who is independent and has good leadership qualities has the power to accomplish anything he / she dreams of. People who motivate themselves have the power to conquer any hardships that may come their way. This makes them the leasers who also have the power to influence others through guidance and empowerment.

Awaken yourself by adopting these inspiring and amazing traits of Lord Ganesha. If you look towards Lord Ganesha in any hardship, then your first step in to inculcate his traits.

Enjoy the joyous festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and move towards becoming a better individual.

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!



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