6 Web Security Myths

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Have you fallen for any kind of false web security?

If you are sick and tired of people constantly advising you to ‘browse safely’, trust me, you are not alone. All the warnings about internet security that we come across are great turn0offs. Moreover, you might have also got some anti-virus software and you know that the little icon in the desktop is performing its task!

It is important to beware of what you are getting into. You might come across some genuine security advice but there are many sources on the internet that do not provide with genuine web security information. You must turn away from all the internet security lies as a result of which your life has become a shell.

Have a look at some of the distortions mentioned bellow, they may be hard for you to believe in the beginning but you will surely be better off by knowing the truth in the long run.

Myth 1 – If the lock icon is displayed, I am safe

Before you go online and purchase anything, you search for that little padlock in the browser bar. Although your instinct might tell you to be alert that lock icon is like the mark of the internet security God, right? Now that might be a big fail!

The padlock icon means that a secure connection is established between your computer and the web server. This does not mean that you are fully protected from malware. Also, some hackers have expertise in faking an SSL certificate or buying one just for name sake and then throwing in some padlock clip art. A wide range of people have been fooled into believing that a page is safe to browse but in fact, it is not. Don’t be the prey of any hacking attack by making this mistake.

Myth 2 – Only the adult websites are dangerous

Since you don’t usually visit a website with a bad reputation, you are safe…..Buzzzzzz…..That’s the wrong answer!

Many malware hosting websites are ‘trusted’ websites. There are more possibilities that you may get attacked a genuine shopping website or any general lifestyle website and the same concept holds true for a gambling website.

Myth 3 – There is no important file on my computer

So you think that you don’t have any important data or files saved on your computer? You probably might have an email password, access to at least one social networking website and your resume in your documents folder, this is enough for any person who wants to steal your identity.

Think about this – You might have saved some or the other thing in your computer that speaks about you, so you have to protect it.

Myth 4 – I already have one anti-virus and don’t need more

An anti-virus protection is just a slicker in the storm and it will be great if you trust it only for some specific conditions. However, a new virus enters the market quicker than you think. Therefore, it is important for you to buy anti-virus software hat updates the definitions on a regular basis and preferably, this should be done automatically.

Moreover, the anti-virus software stops the viruses from infecting your system while you are browsing and this is great. However, this is not going to save you from a smart coding trick from by a professional hacker. You must get a multilayered solution that cleans, firewalls and provides security.

Myth 5 – All the bells and whistles go off when I am infected

If you are of the opinion that just because you don’t have various pop-ups or a slug-like system, then there is nothing to worry about. Malware is activated to the point where you will not be able to detect it. Therefore it is important to be safe all the rime while browsing.

Myth 6 – I have downloaded files for getting infected

Back in the earlier times, all you needed to watch for were the .exe files. Now, malware infections might occur through the ‘drive by’ downloads. The malicious code is embedded into extremely innocent and informative content and then it executes automatically in the browser as a result of simply viewing the web page. So basically you just think that you are safe because nothing is happening but in reality, you have been hijacked!

The Brighter Side

There is a brighter side to everything! This applies to the shady land of internet security as well. All the myth busters are waiting to hold your hand and show you the truth about your online endeavors. While knowledge is power, taking the right action at the right time is the super power!


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