Best Ways To Tighten The WordPress Security

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WordPress is one of the most widely utilized content management systems as it is convenient and provides with a great platform to setup a website or a blog. You might have surely heard about the recent botnet attacks that were executed on the WordPress websites on a massive scale. It’s a fact that the core WordPress developers work hard in terms of safeguarding the WordPress platform. However, if you own a WordPress website, you are also responsible to keep it safe from the hacking and malicious attacks. Apart from the WordPress hosting package that you select, there are many other important aspects to be considered.

Here are some simple and effective ways to tighten the WordPress security:

Following The Best Practices

Some of the most important aspects of enhancing the effectiveness of WordPress security include the following:

 Reducing the number of plugins utilized (and deleting the ones that are not used)
 Conducting regular data backups
 Ensuring that the latest version update is implemented
 Selecting complicated passwords that are difficult to crack
 Safeguarding WordPress through .htaccess

Once you implement these, you can install a plugin that will monitor the core files and incoming traffic of your WordPress website.

WordPress Security Plugins

‘Wordfence’ is an extremely efficient plugin that will restrict any IP address through which any spamming attempt is made to your WordPress website. The number of login attempts will be restricted and traffic will be monitored live. This plugin is updated on a regular basis, therefore you can be assured about the security of your WordPress website.

‘Better WP Security’ is another plugin that is a complete package in terms of WordPress security. It is essential to read the FAQ before implementing this plugin as it makes some big changes to your database. It is important that you are aware of these changes.

‘BackWPUp’ is a free WordPress plugin that provides backup for your database and WordPress files. Among the free WordPress security plugins available, this is one of the most efficient ones.

Free Content Delivery Network

There has been a lot of discussion over whether the free content delivery networks are good or not. While you may come across many CDNs, you can count on these two:

‘Cloudfare’ – This is a free CDN that filters all the incoming traffic and reduces the possibilities of your WordPress website getting compromised.

‘PageSpeedService’ – This belongs to Google; therefore we can presume that online security is seriously implemented.

Configure .htaccess
.htaccess is the Hypertext Access. It is a configuration file that manages the directory in which it is placed and managed all the sub-directories as well. Editing the .htaccess is a complicated procedure and you should deal with it only if you have the basic coding knowledge. If you are not comfortable with editing the .htaccess, you can download and install a WordPress plugin called ‘WP htaccess control’. If you opt for a cPanel hosting package, you can install WordPress and download this plugin. This plugin provides with a simple interface for editing the file. Through this plugin you can also configure categories, archives, WordPress permalinks, pagination and custom taxonomies.

This plugin offers with a wide range of options. Once the plugin is setup, go to the configuration page and then go to ‘htaccess suggestions’ tab. You can then go through all the available options that will configure .htaccess for security.

There is no definite way through which your WordPress website is going to be 100% secured; however, it is important to implement the security measures as much as possible. By limiting the vulnerabilities to your website, you will be able to safeguard it from malicious attacks and hackers.


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