Best Web Design Practices For Improving User Experience

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We all are quite accustomed with the word ‘user experience’; it is often used by website designers and website owners. What does it really mean? If you seek explanation for this phrase from a wider perspective, it comprises of aspects like the user’s emotions, attitude, user behavior in terms of a certain product or a website and user behavior for a system or a service.

When it comes to website design, you have the scope to narrow down this definition until you narrow down to the specific factors that make a website appealing to a user. For example, is your website easy to navigate? Or is it that the users feel confused whole browsing your website? Practical considerations like these are important and they define the real user experience in a website design.

Here are some of the best tried and tested practices in order to achieve the best user experience for any type of website. It does not matter which CMS you are using, it is crucial to ensure that your website consists of all of the factors mentioned below:

Quick Loading Of The Web Pages

These days, no website visitor is ready to wait for a longer time for any web page to load. This is truly one of the most basic things you need to take care of while designing the website.

Fortunately, you will find various tools on the internet that will help you to analyze the web page speed. ‘Pingdom’ is a highly popular online tool for testing the website speed and good web design. Along with this tool, you also have Google’s ‘Page Speed Insights’ and ‘GTmetrics’. Make the use of these tools to check the speed of your web pages and if you find that they are too slow, make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible. The paid tools like ‘SEOmoz’ also let you know the factors that are responsible for the slow speed of the web pages, as a result of this; you can take the corrective measures immediately and in the right direction.

Perform Checks For Ensuring Cross-Browser Compatibility

The mark of a good web designer is that how considerate he / she is in terms of taking all the important website designing factors into consideration. Although checking for cross-browser compatibility is a difficult and a time-consuming task, it is important for you to go the extra mile and make sure that the website visitors can properly access your website irrespective of which browser they are utilizing. After all, with the growing mobile usage, many people all over the world are using various types of mobile devices to access the websites.

It is important for you to perform the two important things mentioned below:

  • Install a user agent switching plugin for Google Chrome as it enables you to perform cross-browser checking instantly.
  • Utilize the tools like ‘Browser Shots’ and ‘Browser Stack’ for checking website performance.

Check If Your Website Is Dependable

The best practices for ensuring the best user experience comprises of all the basics. Take this fact into consideration that your website will be as dependable as your web hosting platform. To put it in simple words : if your web host is not good, then you cannot expect a dependable hosting platform especially if your website is in the phase when the incoming traffic is increasing.

A dedicated server or any other high-end server is important for getting the best results. Also make sure that you are signing up with a reputed web hosting company for getting the best services and web hosting features. Cheap we hosting companies can be identified by their obsession of attempting to fit as many users as possible in a shared server environment that is already crowded. This is where it is crucial to balance things and talk to your hosting provider about the web hosting needs.

People having a small business website or a personal website might not necessarily spend a huge amount on hosting. However, they should be looking for a dependable hosting platform.

It is also important to know about the scalability involved, this feature comes into the picture when there are abrupt spikes in the incoming traffic of your website. It all comes down to one thing – You have to make a calculative decision about the web hosting company and about the web hosting platform as well.

Check The Spelling & Grammar In Typography

The type of fonts, typography and language used in your website is an eye-catcher. Typography is highly related to the real appearance and the style of your fonts; however, allow this would not matter if poor spelling and grammar is used. This creates an adverse impact on the readability and legibility of your text.

Moreover, people all around the world are browsing websites by utilizing the built-in translation software. If there is any error in the spelling and grammar present on your website, then that might result in mistranslations and this will further result in frustrating your international audience. As a result of this, the potential of your website to cater to the international audience will reduce to a great extent.

In addition to this, mistakes in spelling and grammar might also create a negative impact on your SEO; therefore it is imperative that you have a check on all of your web page content before it goes live. For example, let’s assume that your keywords are not spelled correctly or added in such a way that Google penalizes you. In order to guard against this, make sure to do your best to create content that is informative, clean, and precise and has no grammatical or spelling mistakes. This makes the content easy to follow and comprehend.

Ignoring The Best Practices Might Result In Sever Consequences!

Best practices are created in order to guide the designers so that they can design the most high-quality websites on the net. You surely have the free will to think as you like and create your own course of action, but if you ignore the best practices mentioned above, you might face some sever consequences that may prove harmful for the future of the website.

Every guideline covered above right from fast page loads and cross-browser compatibility to selecting a reliable web hosting solution and eliminating the spelling and grammar mistakes is essential for ensuring the best performance of the website. Following these guidelines is also important to create a positive impact of your career as a web designer. Incorporate the aspects mentioned above in your website design, and it is guaranteed that you will get bigger clients!


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