Business Promotion Through LinkedIn : Simple Tips

LinkedIn is an efficient and rewarding business platform; every business must maintain a presence here for networking and for achieving a better web presence. LinkedIn makes it possible to connect with other business professionals related to your area of work and you can also connect with your existing and prospective clients. Unfortunately, many LinkedIn owners do not pay attention to their LinkedIn business pages. It’s only recently that people have figured out how to use the LinkedIn platform to their advantage. You might think that it’s not feasible to manage the LinkedIn profile with everything else you have to do however LinkedIn has become an important part of creating and maintaining a professional web presence.

Here are some simple tips that will help you to use LinkedIn for the purpose of business promotion:

Make The Best Use Of The ‘Overview’ Tab

Click on the ‘overview’ tab and use the appropriate field for writing a brief description of your company’s history and about the other things you are into. Make sure that the information provided is up to the point and looks professional. This will enable the LinkedIn users to find your page right away and they will get an insight in terms of what kind of company you are and hence they can decide whether they would like to do business with your company or not.

Frequent Status Updates

You can add frequent status updates on your LinkedIn page. These updates are not very different from the ones you post in Facebook or Twitter. After every few days, you can write something interesting about your company and the products / services provided. If you get into the habit of adding status updates quite often, people will return to your page and read them; this will help in generating more interest in your business.

Be Receptive

If the LinkedIn users find your status interesting, they will surely comment on it. Make sure that you are replying to their comments and appreciating their interest. You can also choose to send personal messages to the LinkedIn users who regularly comment on your posts. Sending personal messages is the next step in networking and through these personal messages you can get the ball rolling and see if that person is interested in doing business with you.

Feature Your Products / Services

You can easily display your products and services through the ‘products and services’ tab. You will see this option on top when you create your company page. With this option, you can add a brief description about the products / services provided. Also, adding professional pictures is a good idea.

Encourage Customers To Recommend You

If you are connected with your customers in LinkedIn, they have the option of recommending your products to the people in their network. If you know a customer who is pleased with your company and services, you can send them a personal message about recommending your products or services. When the products or services are recommended, all the people in the network of that person can see them in their LinkedIn page.

Get Your Employees Involved

You can encourage your employees to create LinkedIn profile and join the company’s network. The main business LinkedIn profile must contain the pictures of all the employees who use LinkedIn. When people visit your company page and see the profiles of all the employees, a good impression will be created and they will get a personalized feel of your company.

Analyze Data

When you create a group for your company; under the ‘More’ tab you will come across an option called ‘Group Statistics’. Click on it and you will get an insight on factors like the number of members, new comments posted, location and functions. This data will help you to analyze how people see you company on Linkedin and what steps have to be taken for improving the LinkedIn presence.

Join Targeted Groups

LinkedIn contains groups related to almost every niche. Joining the related groups is an important part of LinkedIn; you can share information and posts and interact with the people in the group. Apart from the group of your company, you can also create any other group where information can be shared. You get more recognition as the members in your group increase. Moreover, if you have created a group, you can send invitations to people in your network for joining that group.

LinkedIn is a great resource for business growth. Start following the tips mentioned above for harnessing the promotional and networking powers of LinkedIn.


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