How To Connect Your Google+ Business Page With Your Google Maps Listing

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Google have now enabled the people having Google Plus business pages to connect their page with their local business listing on Google Maps.

Detailed information and directions for doing this are available on the Google help page . This process will connect your current Google+ page to Google Maps and it will also apply all the business information including the Google Maps reviews, business address, business hours and all other information present on your Google Maps listing. One of the best things of doing this is the followers, posts and managers of your page are retained.

Some businesses have a few Google+ pages listed in their Google+ manager page, this helps in combining at least two of them. How does this work?

Log in to Google+ and select pages from the left-hand side navigation bar and click on ‘Manage’ this page on the local page.

The look of the local page is almost the same as your current page. It will comprise of a verification shield next to the name of the page. When you hover the badge, you will see ‘Verified local business’.

  • From the top left corner, select Dashboard > Settings
  • Go to the ‘Profile’ section that is present next to ‘This page is connected to Google Maps. Click on ‘Connect a different page’
  • In the dialogue box – ‘Link a different page to this location’, select the page that you would like to connect to Google Maps and then click on ‘Next’.
  • You will come across a list that will describe the changes to the newly-created page that is going to be connected to Google Maps. It will also show the local Google+ page that will be disconnected from the Google Maps. Click on ‘Confirm’.

The page that is newly connected to Google Maps will display the following information:

  • The name and verification badge from the earlier local page
  • Business information (name, hours, contact details etc.)
  • Reviews from the earlier local page
  • The earlier owner responses to the local reviews will not be displayed
  • Your existing reviews might take a few hours to get displayed after connecting the page
  • Carry over followers, mangers and posts
  • Carry forward of custom URL (if you have set up one earlier)
  • The ad campaigns associated with the page might be removed

The following things will happen to the earlier local page:

  • It will no longer be displayed on Google Maps
  • It will no longer display local business information or reviews
  • It will be renamed to ‘backup of page name’
  • It will be still be visible on Google+
  • It will retain the followers, managers and posts from the earlier local page
  • It will retain the custom URL from the earlier local page (if you have created one)
  • It will no longer display AdWords Express campaigns associated with the earlier page



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