Cyber Crime Protection – Raising The Bar Of Security!

As the internet provides with endless opportunities of flourishing, it also bring various hazards with it. In the era of 1980, the main security risks were the computer viruses passed around through the floppy disks. However, in the current era, many things have come into the picture like social engineering, phishing, bot nets and thereby, advanced persistent threats. All over the web world, there is a strong evidence of the number of cyber crimes and till date, this remains a serious issue. Even though the web hosting companies are trying their best to counter these cyber crimes, it is important for every website owner to take the necessary steps for safeguarding their websites before it’s too late.

The Evolving Threat!

On the consumer level, there are phishing websites out there to steal your credit card or online banking information by establishing themselves as a trusted brand. At a business level as well there are various threats in the cyber world.

The DDoS attacks have become a major concern for the website owners today. These attacks are launched by the ‘bot nets’ or through a collection of computers and servers that are compromised. It is a fact that alone any one of these machines can’t do a lot of damage; however, if many machines try to attack a website with bogus requests, then in this case the only defense mechanism would be having more bandwidth than the attacker. As more companies move towards the cloud hosting platform, it becomes a challenge to the attackers as they have to employ thousands of machines for causing the desired damage.

There has also been a substantial increase in the criminals attacking the prominent and popular websites. Attacks are being posed on the advertising engines in order to get access to the information or for the sole purpose of disabling the websites for some political reason.

In light of all this, how can you protect your website? Here are some useful methods that will safeguard your website and information:

Network Design

The first step towards solving the security issue starts from the basic stage; that is – development and design. If the developers do not take all the security issues into consideration, any hacker will get the opportunity to exploit the flaw for getting access to the confidential information present in the website. In order to fix this issue, it is important to ensure that all the scripts are well planned and tested, especially the ones that deal with private and confidential information.

Another very efficient measure is to use a Digital Certificate (Digital ID) from a trusted authority along with an SSL encryption. As a result of this, all the parties present in the online transaction are covered with a higher level of security. Another crucial aspect to be taken into consideration is updating the content management systems to the latest versions, as they can be vulnerable to hacking attacks without updates.

Selecting A Good Password

A wide range of hacks are caused as a result of bad passwords. If you just change the letters to the numbers, your information is still vulnerable to hacking attacks.

Preferably, a random password string created from 10 characters created from a-z, A-Z and 0-9 is very efficient and it is difficult to break it. You can also make the use of the online password generation tools that will create a complicated password for you; identification of a complicated password is difficult for the hackers. Also, make sure that you are changing all the important passwords on a regular basis, this is a simple thing however it is highly effective when it comes to safeguarding the website from the hackers.

Stringent Controls On Data Accessing

Usually, to keep the business processes going the staff is allowed to access it from anywhere through a laptop or a browser and HTTPS is used as the security measure. Even the business administration networks are used through the public internet through HTTPS and people consider this as a highly trusted platform. In order to ensure the best security over the business network, it is important to consider a VPN or a cloud framework. Access to the business network should not be allowed from any laptop, it must be a company machine. Moreover, the browser must be password protected.

There should be strict procedures in place for revoking the user access right away. In case of a lost laptop or user password, the management must be in the position to change the user’s access credentials right away. Furthermore, any laptop that is utilized for accessing the company data should have an encrypted hard drive.

Therefore, even in the event of loss of a laptop, only the hardware is lost and no one will be able to retrieve any data from it. It is also important to implement password screen locks for enhanced security. All the employees connected to the business network, should be given a randomly generated passwords that are stored in the database, rather than allowing them to select their own passwords.

Personnel / ‘Purchase Key’ Attacks

One of the biggest security weak points for any business organization is its people. A determined hacker will not aim at stealing servers, neither will he try to hack them; however he/she will try to influence the key staff members. This is the ‘purchase key attack’. In order to protect yourself and your data, you must take the following steps:

  • Background check must be done for all the staff members who have the access to the company data
  • Access to the servers should be provided through the personal keys and an access log should be maintained
  • Logs and access activity should be regularly monitored by the security incharge personnel
  • Making A Craeful Selection Of Web Hosting Provider

As the cyber crimes increase, the web hosting companies have started implementing effective measures to safeguard the business data and protect the website from getting compromised. Your selection of the web host is a big step towards ensuring the smooth functioning of the business website. Also, the companies should not aim at creating and managing their own data centers; preferably select the best web hosting company and let it take the charge of performing all the necessary actions of safeguarding your website from the various cyber hazards. A good web hosting company will provide with an efficient firewall technology that will detect the attacking IPs.

A few timely measures from your side will ensure that your business and data is covered and is not vulnerable to hacking attacks. Taking time to get things in place is surely going to help you in the long run.


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