How Instagram Can Be Used As A Marketing Tool For Business?

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To maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and to stretch your marketing dollar as far as possible, you need to find the best way to reach your target audience on a consistent basis. While there are numerous marketing vehicles, platforms and strategies available for you to use, the fact is that Instagram is becoming increasingly popular for marketing purposes. This is because it has an astounding reach with more than 100 million daily users. There is a growing trend for social media users to use Instagram over other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and this means that this is the social media platform that you need to be marketing on. You can effectively use Instagram as a marketing tool in several different ways.

Create a Collage of Color Photos

When you open an Instagram account for your business, you will be able to post numerous photos to your profile. When a customer visits your profile, these color photos will be instantly visible. The customers may browse through the photos that you have posted by scrolling down, or they may click on individual photos to learn more about different products, services or events that you have chosen to highlight. Because a picture is truly worth a thousand words, be sure to select the right photos that will capture their attention and spur them to action.

Illustrate Your Company’s Story or Personality

If you spend time browsing through different professional and personal profiles on Instagram, you will quickly notice that each profile has a unique personality or story that it is telling. For example, you can instantly see if one user loves cars or another one is focused on sports. Your business images on Instagram will also share the same story or information about your company’s personality and corporate philosophy. Is your company eco-friendly, focused on social activism or budget-minded? Define what you want to express about your company to your users, and be sure that the images that you select illustrate this.

Use Short Descriptions

Many Instagram users will click on photos that capture their attention, and they will read through the description that has been written about it along with the comments that others have posted about it. With this in mind, you may consider preparing a descriptive, sales-oriented blurb that highlights selling points or that entices your customers to take action.

Engage Your Audience

Instagram offers you more than a one-way avenue of communication with customers. You can encourage your customers to leave comments on your photos about their experiences with your companies, feedback about changes they want to see and more. In addition, you can also create promotional offers that actively engage them and that ask them to take specific action. There are simple ways to supercharge your content marketing efforts through engaging your audience. You must know about them to prove your point to your audience.

Reward Followers and Likers

As a final step, you may consider rewarding your followers and those who like your photos in different ways. For example, new followers and likers may receive a promo code for a discount on an online purchase or a coupon for a free item if they visit your brick and mortar location. Rewards encourage active participation, and they may even have a viral effect for your marketing campaigns.

If you are searching for a great way to boost your marketing power in a cost-effective way, social media marketing is a wonderful option. With the popularity of Instagram and its incredible reach, you may consider putting Instagram to work for you soon.

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