Mistakes To Avoid While Creating An Ecommerce Website

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eCommerce is an industry that is full of competition. Every player is smart enough to do the right thing. We have all seen the eCommerce websites. You maybe all set to buy something and you might be having the credit card in hand; but for some reason you don’t really get to closing the deal!

What would be the reason behind this? You might have changed your mind when you were asked to enter your credit card number for the third time. Or maybe it was the extremely high shopping costs or maybe the website crashed while you were trying to complete the transactions. All these are turn offs because of people don’t complete the eCommerce transactions.

The truth is that there are at least 7 reasons because of which the potential customers leave your eCommerce website and if you correct them, you can be at a better position to retain the customers. if you actually want people to spend a lot of time on your website and to buy from your website, then make sure that you are avoiding the pitfalls mentioned below:

Your Website Speed Is Too Slow

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Every 2 seconds of your website load time there is an 8% abandonment rate. According to the studies, if your website loads time is reduced to 8 seconds from 2 seconds, your website conversion rate your website conversion rate can be actually increased approximately to 74%.

Think about this : Do you actually intend to wait for a long time for any website to load?

Unfortunately, there are various reasons because of which your website gets slowed down. In case of the eCommerce websites, it also happens that they are overloaded with many third-party plugins like social networking websites and ad networks, all this can reduce the loading speed of the website. Another reason for this might be cloud issues: That is – If you are using a content delivery network (CDN); your website might slow down if your service provider is facing any issues.

Your Website Is Complicated

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If your visitors / consumers have to take more than five steps to purchase something from your website, then you are asking for too much from them. The following factors are recommended:

* Welcome / shopping cart contents page
* Billing section
* Shipping section
* Payment gateway
* Conformation / thank you page

Your Online Credit Card Payment System Is Too Difficult

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Think for yourself! Is there anything more frustrating than entering your name, full address, your 16-digit credit card number, security code and then restarting all over again just because you forgot to add your zip code? Needless to say, if most of your business is conducted in the U.S., it’s a smart idea to put this country on the first position rather than making the customers / visitors scroll down till the way to the end.

It is crucial to maintain a logical sequence of information for taking the credit card information from the clients. It’s ideal to follow the industry standards and not to mess with the sequence. For instance, you cannot benefit by putting the credit card number before the name and address of the customer as they are not used to this.

You Charge A High Price For Shipping

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In case you are charging more than 10% of the total cost of the product for shipping, then you are way too expensive! This aspect will affect your online sales significantly and there are higher possibilities of people abandoning your cart on seeing the shipping charges.



Your Website Does Not Function Properly On Some Browsers

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You maybe a fan of Google Chrome, but people are used to many other browsers all around the world. There might be many of your customers who still prefer using the old versions of internet explorer. Have you tested your website on all the browsers? Many websites don’t function perfectly on some browsers and therefore people quickly switch to some other alternative. So it’s time you checked your website on various browsers.


You will be in a much better position if you stay away from the commonly made mistakes mentioned above. They might look like small points to be considered, but they definitely make a huge difference.


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