Why Do You Need An SSL Certificate For Your Website?

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Running an online business needs an understanding of all the necessary security aspects. All the security measures have to be in place before you even get started with the online business. Having an SSL certificate is a highly crucial part of website security.

Here is complete information on why you must install an SSL certificate on your website:

Before we get to know about the benefits of having an SSL certificate, first let’s know what exactly is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for secure sockets layer and it is a security measure for websites that deal with sensitive information like customer names, contact number, addresses and credit card numbers. It establishes a secure connection between the web browser of the customer and the hosting server of the company they are interacting with. Installation of an SSL certificate is important for every website that sells goods or services online because SSL ensures that all the transmitted information between the customer and the company stays private and secure.

Let’s move on to the benefits now…

Use of SSL security offers many benefits to the business and to the customers as well.  The main benefits are mentioned below:

Encryption Of Information

The main purpose of installing an SSL certificate is encrypting the information so that it can only be read and understood by the concerned people. Information submitted on internet usually passes through several computers before reaching the final destination. The more ‘stops’ it has to make, the higher possibilities are involved for a third party to gain access. An SSL certificate adds random characters in the original information, as a result of this, it is impossible for anyone without the encryption key to read it. Therefore, even if your website information ends up in the wrong hands, it will not be readable and useless to that person.

The customers / other people who visit your website will know that you have SSL security encryption in place in many ways. The most prominent sign is the ‘https’ protocol. The URL of a website that has SSL installed starts with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’. This denotes that the page is secure and it is backed up by a remote cue : a lock image displayed in the browser’s status or in the location bar.

Provider’s Authentication

As an online shop owner, you would want to ensure that the information on your website including the customer information should go to the correct server without being intercepted. While obtaining an SSL certificate, another type of protection also known as server certificate is issued. This certificate acts as a mediator between browsers and SSL servers and it shows that the SSL certificate providers can be trusted. Customers can check these documents in order to validate if the SSL certificate of your website is up to date or not and if the page they are accessing is yours or it is just an imitation. With a rise in cyber crime, it is important to raise the bar of security.

A Necessity For Accepting Payments

In order to have compliance with the ‘Payment Card Industry’, an online business should have an SSL certificate with encryption of at least 128-bit. PCI standards perform a verification to check if the SSL certificate is from a trusted source. PCI standards also check if the website uses the right strength of encryption and provides with a private connection on any page that needs the customers to enter personal and critical information. In absence of a certificate that meets these standards, any website won’t be able to accept credit card or debit card payments.

Safeguarding Against Phishing

Phishing emails often comprise of links that take the customers to a convincing replica of a website that looks reputed. These emails are often disguised as shipping conformations or advertisements. These emails aim to gather credit card information for malicious use. However, the people who create these fake websites will have a tough time obtaining an SSL certificate. When customers don’t come across any signs of security on a website, they are more likely to leave that website without entering any personal information.

Offers Added Brand Power

Companies that provide SSL certificates usually offer website seals and other images that depict well-trusted encryption is in place. When these branded icons are featured in the browser, customers get an assurance that their information is safe with the website.

Improves Customer Trust

All the elements mentioned above work together for creating trust between the customer and the business. Providing customers with the right security for all their personal information and providing them with easy ways to verify the security improves customer confidence and trust and creates a positive online buying experience.

In light of all the benefits of having an SSL certificate, a company willing to install an SSL certificate should go through the complete authorization process necessary for obtaining the SSL certificate. Operating an online business without an SSL certificate deters customer trust and makes it impossible to receive international payments. The modern online shoppers are smart and they want to know whether their personal information will be safe or not before making a purchase from a website. Having an SSL certificate installed on the website is the best way to ensure the peace of mind of your customers.

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