‘Person Of The Year’ Award For Ebola Fighters By Times Magazine

times magazine person of the year

A person called Foday Gallah saw a distressed and sick child and he felt the need to do something. The next thing he did was he picked the child and confronted him. After this act of kindness, a 34-year-old ambulance supervisor in Monrovia, Liberia caught Ebola himself.

The reason why Foday contracted Ebola was because he got the child’s vomit all over himself. Foday is the ‘Person Of The Year’ for Times Magazine and his picture is going to be featured on the magazine cover. Times Magazine has started this great endeavor of honoring the prominent people related to the Ebola epidemic. These people are ‘the ones who answered the call’ was the sentence featured on the Times magazine website on Wednesday morning.

According to Times Magazine sources, Foday Gallah is an example of the people who believe in doing the right thing. ‘He is a shining example that we should all try to follow. He really did touch me with his story. I don’t usually like to use the word hero, but I have to use it here’ said Nickerson.

According to the figures stated by the World Health Organization, approximately 6,300 people mainly in West Africa have died from the Ebola epidemic. Health workers are still trying to manage more than 11,000 confirmed cases of Ebola in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Also, there are more than 6,000 suspected and probable cases according to WHO. Although the affected countries have marked the epicenter of the outbreak, the isolated cases have spread wider and they have penetrated into the other parts of Africa, Europe and USA as well.

Times magazine’s editors have decided to honor all the ‘unprecedented numbers’ of the health workers who were there to manage the situation when Ebola was spreading at a fast pace in a country that is already has a weak public health infrastructure. In a situation of panic, where things seem to be out of hand, many doctors and nurses came forward and worked with the local physicians, ambulance drivers and burial teams. Gibbs stated that ‘Some were driven by God, while others did it for country and some simply had “the instinct to run into the fire, not away.’

Along with Foday Gallah, the ambulance driver, Times Magazine also highlighted four other Ebola fighters who did impressive work in West Africa. These four heroes are Dr. Jerry Brown – A Liberian surgeon, Salome Karwah – Ebola survivor who lost both parents, Ella Watson – Stryker – Doctors without borders health promoter and Dr. Kent Brantly – The first American infected by Ebola while running a treatment center in Monrovia.

Other people who received the ‘Person Of The Year’ honor included Russian President Vladimir Putin, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. Other finalists included singer Taylor Swift, Chinese Internet tycoon Jack Ma, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani.

Information source : CNN World News

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