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The way in which a blog is presented to the visitors makes a lot of difference. You may be having lot of useful information on the blog, however you must ask the following questions to yourself – is it getting the right response? Are the people able to reach to the content they really want to read? Is everything clearly visible on the blog? Blogging is one of the most commonly followed activities on the internet. Some of the profilic bloggers have created multiple blogs over time. As a result of various topics covered and as a result of utilizing complicated web design, a blog that has been created since a long time might have collected clutter.

In order to get the best out of the blog, it is important to perform some spring cleaning activities so that the blog can be brought back to a clean polished feel.

Essential Web Design

One of the main reasons that affect the look of the blog is a cluttered web design. Many blogs incorporate a wide range of elements, however only a small percentage of them are actually required. This task can be achieved in a number of ways, either by selecting a simple color scheme or by re-defining the framework of your content management system. Getting rid of the unusual landing pages might also result in a positive effect on your website and on the effectiveness of lead generation.

Remove Unnecessary Links

Do you have several links on your homepage and blog posts? Also, do you have a lot of buttons, ads or navigation menus? If your blog comprises of the same links as that present on the hompage, and if these links are there since a long time then there is a high possibility that some of these links might have gone bad. If there are dead links on your blog, it creates a very bad impression. This shows the readers / visitors that your blog is outdated and has not been moderated since a long period of time. Removal of the unnecessary links will cleanse your blog and it will help the people to stay focused on the information that they want from your blog. For instance if you have a blog about web hosting, and if there are any other links that deviate the people from reading the main content, then its better to remove them.

Addressing Content

If your blog exists since a long period of time, it might have covered a wide range of topics in the long run. Keeping the blog updated with content from several topics definitely makes sense, however this is not an easy endeavor. This strategy might result in cluttering the blog and giving it a disorganized feel. Therefore make sure that you are focusing on the core topics that can be properly synchronized with the subject of your blog.


Consistency is one of the most important principles that ensure the efficiency of the blog. If no new post has been added since quite some time; than the old posts are most likely to be on the top. Posts that show the date of publishing clearly depict the stagnant nature of the blog. The best way of avoiding this is making sure that new and fresh content is posted at regular time intervals.

These steps are great in terms of revitalizing your blog and giving it a new feel within a short span of time. If you have started a blog, maintaining it perfectly is also important for ensuring the progress of the blog.


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