How To Start A Blog That Matters?

Blog, start a blog, SEO, blogging, social media, blog designJust like every other industry, there is a fierce competition in the blogging world as well. Thousands of new blogs are launched on various topics by aspiring bloggers and by people who want to share their thoughts online. Some bloggers are really passionate about blogging while some of them work at their leisure.

If you are fascinated with the blogging world, you might either be a professional blogger or someone who likes writing at leisure. Whichever blogger you are, you might be having these common goals:

  • A popular blog that people like visiting
  • Earning a regular income or some extra bucks from the blog
  • Being a proud owner of the blog (When people refer to some of your posts, you would love to say: “Yeah that’s my blog!”
  • You would love to have the best content on the blog
  • You might want your blog to grow into a brand over time

Did you smile at all the points mentioned above? 🙂

Well, that means you are a serious blogger and all you need is a set of organized actions to get you going with blogging!

Let’s get real!

Many bloggers have an irrational idea about what it takes to establish a successful blog. You might see a popular blog and think “I can do that as well!” Well sure you can! However you must understand that it takes a lot of hard work and some serious thought to take a blog up to a point where it is defined as influential and successful.

You might select a domain name and set up your blog through a free or paid blogging platform. That’s the initial stage! What matters is what you do with the blog after that!

Here is a walkthrough for creating a blog that really matters!

Choose A Topic You Are Passionate About

It happens that many bloggers start their first blog on a topic that they are not even interested in, they just find the topic popular and they believe that it will help them in making more money. That’s not how it works!

You must be passionate about the subject of the blog that you have chosen. If you set up a blog on a topic that you don’t care about, you will lose your focus and interest quickly and you won’t find any motivation to update it later on. This holds true if you are the author of your blog entirely and there is no one else working on the content of the blog,

Follow your passion!

Plan About The Term Business Model!

When you have a clear idea about the topic you are passionate about, purchase an appropriate domain name, launch your blog and start publishing articles in it.

You will have higher possibilities of making your blog successful if you perform a lot of research beforehand.

Ask these questions to yourself:

  • Who are you competing with?
  • In what ways your competitors make money?
  • How will you make money through your blog?
  • How long will it take for you to earn money from your blog?
  • What different and interesting things you will do to make your blog unique?
  • What problems can you possibly encounter after launching your blog?

Think about all these aspects before launching your blog so that you don’t have to face any unexpected issues.

Register A Great Domain Name

Finding a good domain name can be a difficult task at times. However, it is an important part of branding your blog. ‘.com’ continues to be the most popular and the most commonly used domain name extensions, but if you find a great domain name with a different and appropriate TLD, then it is worth considering.

You can use these domain name generators : Panabee or Wordoid, they will provide you with many domain name suggestions  and you can pick one of them..

Once you have finalized the domain name, register it and host your blog on a basic web hosting platform. You can opt for WordPress based shared hosting initially. Make sure that the web hosting company you select for domain name registration and hosting is a reputed one that provides with round the clock customer service.

Have A Professional Blog Design

Visitors will make a judgment about your blog the moment they see it. That’s the first impression of your blog! And you only get one chance for making a good first impression. Therefore, it is extremely crucial to have a great blog design.

This does not mean that you have to spend money on the design. If you are using the WordPress platform, you will come across many free themes that you can use for your website. Make sure to check many of them and then select the most impressive one.

Your website design should be clean; it should have a search bar, list of the recent posts and an achieve page. This will enable the visitors to find the content they are looking for easily. Build an interactive blog that people can relate to.

Avoid cluttering your blog design with too many banners and images. While you might think of adding the banners at a later point of time for monetizing your blog; in the beginning your aim should be enhancing the readability of your blog.

Speed Up Your Blog

What happens when you are trying to load a website and it takes a lifetime to load? You get extremely frustrated right?

It is the same for your blog visitors as well! If your blog loads slowly, it will frustrate the readers. There are higher possibilities that your visitors will click the back button even if your blog is not yet loaded. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize your blog so that all the pages load quickly. Search engines also rank the fast loading websites higher, thereby optimizing your blog design will enable your blog to gain more search engine traffic.

Below mentioned are some important ways in which you can speed up your blog:

  • Choose a web hosting company with fast hosting times
  • Optimize your images
  • Get rid of unused WordPress plugins
  • Restrict the number of saved post revisions
  • Use a caching system (W3 Total Cache)
  • Use a content delivery network (CDN)

Optimize Your Blog For Search Engines

The core version of WordPress consists of some great SEO features like the ability to use permalinks and the option to modify your article page slug. Apart from this, you yourself can optimize the blog further.

I recommend the installation of Yoast SEO Plugin. Also, add a search map that will help the search engines in indexing the blog content.

A large part of your traffic will come from search engines, therefore, optimizing your blog should be your priority.

Having a presence on social media is also equally important. Create your blog profiles on the prominent social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and StumbleUpon. For Twitter, there are tools for increasing your blog retweets.

The points mentioned above are no rocket science, they can be easily implemented! It is not difficult to set up a blog that matters! Know your subject and be passionate about it. Write great content that makes your blog a delight for the visitors.  Don’t vanish after publishing an article, keep surprising people with new and interesting content. Market your blog on social media and other online marketing channels and that is it!!!

If you have a blog and you need suggestions on it, drop me an email at I would love to hear from you….

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